It should have ened this way...

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I spend a lot go my life making these 2 faces. It’s all a little confusing to me. ;)

I understand Loki on a molecular level. ;)

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I miss her every day.

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5 Easy Steps to Searching for the Original Source on Google. Someone puts hours and hours into an original tutorial/photograph/illustration and sites like Handimania, Duitang, Tumblr (and many others) steal their images without taking a few minutes to give them credit for their work. But this is changing and the big sites on Tumblr may not reblog your post if you don’t have an original source (and Pinterest, weheartit, etc… don’t count). I’ve been asked numerous times on Tumblr and Facebook how to search for images.

I saw this uncredited piece of fan art on a blog and it took 15 seconds to find the source. The best part? You can download this in a high resolution version for free and I posted it here.

What else can you do with google image search? Find out what photos, facebook pictures or avatars of yours are being used on the internet. It may really really surprise you (and horrify you) where images of you and your work are showing up.

EDIT: You may get a lot of Tumblr and Pinterest hits on your search page, but it isn’t hard to scroll through the pages quickly. You can also tell the original source quickly by looking at image sizes.